TrunkClub vs Stitch Fix vs Bombfell: Fashion Clubs Compared
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TrunkClub vs Stitch Fix vs Bombfell: Fashion Clubs Compared

Fashion clubs give you the luxury of having high quality clothes matched specifically for you and delivered directly to your door by an actual stylist. Clothing subscriptions services such as Stitch Fix, BombFell and Trunk Club offer clothing subscriptions where you can receive a selection monthly. Stitch fix is a very personalized clothing club for women. Stitch Fix charges a 20 dollar styling fee and ships you five items in a "fix". The 20 dollars will be credited towards the purchase. If you purchase all 5 items you receive 25% off of the entire purchase. You have 3 days to decide on the items from Stitch Fix. Bombfell is currently serving only men. Bombfell gives you 3 options of the type and pricing of the clothing you will receive. Bombfell and TruckClub both notify you of any items being sent which give you the opportunity to deny and have any shipment replaced. This can keep the consumer within the comfort zone and cripple them from trying new styles. Stitchfix, Bombfell and TrunkClubs stylists are also stated to use social media sites as well as other information given to them to help decide which clothing articles best suit your personal style as well as lifestyle.
Covered in this report
Stitch Fix — Best Features
Stitchfix personalizes your waredrobe experience by asking you a series of questions.
Each stitch fix shipment is unique and chosen to suit you personally.
Best for: Stitch Fix is best suited for those looking for an extremely personalized experiance with a selection including accessories.
Bombfell — Best Features
Bombfell allows you to set your own budget but doesn't try to immediately exhaust it.
Bombfell offers clothing from four different style categories: casual, classic, hippster and preppy.
Best for: Bombfell is best suited for those who want a clothing subscription on a specified budget where they have some control on the selection being sent.
TrunkClub — Best Features
TrunkClub gives you a phone consulation with stylest before shipment is sent.
Truckclub does not limit the amount of clothing you will be shipped.
Best for: TrunkClub is best suited for those who are looking for highend clothing with a versitle and large selection.

What is a clothing subscription service?

Have you ever thought of what it would be like to have the luxury of a stylist pick out some of the hottest newest clothes for you or just wished you could keep up with the latest fashion.

It's your lucky day. We have an alternative to dressing yourself. Don't worry. This isn't like having your mother pick out your clothes!  Clothing subscriptions Like Stitch Fix, BombFell, and Trunk Club Clothing  offer the luxury of having your very own personal stylist pick out your attire and have it shipped directly to your door.

Clothing Service Benefits

You save time.The biggest benefit to using a clothing service is that it saves you time. You don't have to go to the store or browse online. There are no lines to wait in or pushy salesmen.

You can save money! It might not be like the clearance rack but you can avoid making quick purchases on a whim. You will save on gas and will actually get clothing you will love. Which makes more sense? You can purchase five $10 shirts you never can find anything to match or one high quality shirt that you love for $50.

You can look good! Everything you receive will be suited to incorporate your own personal style in effect with the latest fashions and quality designer brands.


Stitch Fix

Stitch Fix is San Francisco based fashion club for women. Stitch Fix offers sizes 0 to XL. The process is simple and personalized. You are asked a series of questions. These questions are to help give your stylist an idea of your own personalized style. Stitch Fix bases your selection individualized style budget and lifestyle.


  • Your experienced is very personalized. You recieve a note from your stylist as well as cards to show you how to wear or match the peices together. 
  • Stitch fix tries to meet your budget but average item is $65.
  • Stitch Fix learns more about you through feedback and the items that you select through each fix.

How it works:

  • Just answer the questions and pick the shipment date
  • You will recieve 5 items of clothing and accessories to fit your own personal style.
  • There is a $20 styling fee which can be applied to your purchase.
  • If you decide to purchase all 5 items you will get 25% off of the entire purchase.
  • You are not required to recieve monthly "fixes". You can schedule them or if you want to sign up you can recieve one every 30 days.

Some of the brands available:

Collective Concepts, Kut From The Kloth, Daniel Rainn, Kensie, Kensie Jeans, Under Skies, L.A. Made, Sanctuary Clothing, Mystree, Tart Collections, or 41 Hawthorne.


The site's blog is full of positive feedback linked through individual's blogs including pictures of outfits. These refreshing reviews include detail of personalized experiences including remnants from the notes received from the stylists.


  • Stitch Fix is not listed with the Better Business Bureau.

Customer Reviews

 “It’s Stitch Fix time again!  It’s becoming my favorite time of each month.  Sure, I enjoy shopping and I’m in the city a few times a month checking out my favorite shops.  Nothing is more fun than telling people you have a personal shopper and stylist…

“This Fix is a little different for me, because I shared with my stylist when I scheduled my Fix that I would be 3 months pregnant for my 7th Fix, so I requested options that would ensure I would be comfortable and cute in – and be able to wear for the next few months with a growing bump. A lot to ask for, I know, {especially since Stitch Fix doesn’t technically provide maternity clothes} but I was excited to see what would be sent my way.

*These reviews are directly from the blog on the Stitch Fix Site.

Find promo codes for Stitchfix at sites like Groupon and PromoCodeWatch.



BombFell is a New York based clothing subcription service for men only. For those who are curious about the unique name, BombFell is short for Bombfellow. This is meant to be an alternative more masculine name for the term often used on women "bombshell". BombFell sends you a preview of the outfits 24 hours before your clothing is sent. This could be helpful but this could also give those who have a tendancy to stick to their comfort zone to deny themselves the opportunity of trying new styles.


  • Bombfell states that they will never sell you anything above normal retail price.
  • There are no fees for the subscription.
  • You only have to pay if you keep the items and you have a full 10 days to decide.
  • Bombfell offers you different packages priced to suit you and your needs. You can upgrade your package at any time.

Packages Available as listed on site*

  •  up to 69 per item- one button up one high quality pair of chinos or shorts
  • up to 129 per item- premium brand selection increase variety including denim big and tall sizes available
  • up to 199 per item- highest quality items from premier brands jackets and blazers available

Brands Available:

Ben Sherman, Farah, Big Star, Maker & Co., Penguin, GRMCY &Denim, BTNS, French Connection, Original paperbacks



Bombfell's blog reveals a quick look into the company'sstaff. The blog gives the consumer conformation of what the name reveals--a confident, edgy and fun collaboration. The blog is lacking in customer feedback and samples of selection and accepted attire. While it does reveal a brief insight to the company, it doesn't reach beyond to the consumers that they have impacted.


Consumer Reviews

"The Bombfell staff is eager to please, and your measurements, style, and preferences are thoroughly covered before you receive your clothes. As you can see, you can determine how often you receive certain types of items, and you can set a budget that they will not exceed. I chose an $89 budget every two months, which fits into my normal clothing budget. That doesn’t mean they’ll use the entire $89 for every shipment, they just won’t spend more than that unless you ask for an exception—they’re very flexible."

Bombfell is WELL worth the money. There is no obligation to buy any of the products they send you, plus shipping is free and the clothes are quality. If, like me you like the idea of new clothes but don’t have the time to get them yourself, you should try it. You have nothing to lose but plenty to gain.



  •  Bombfell is not listed with the Better Business Bureau.



TrunkClub is a Chigago based company for men. TrunkClub does not charge any subscription fees and shipping is free both ways. TrunkClub offers high end clothing as well as more affordable items such as t-shirts and chinos.


  • TrunkClub states to be climate friendly. TrunkClub stylists take your region and weather into consideration when chosing your clothing.
  • TrunkClub appears to have a large selection of versitle clothing including t-shirts which for many is a staple item.
  • No commitment. If you don't like it just send it back.

Some of the brands available:

Eton, Jack Spade, theory, DS Dundee, Oak Street Bootmakers


  • TrunkClub is accredited with the Better Business Bureau and holds an A- rating.

Consumer Reviews

"My stylist is great.  She knows what I like, knows that I am trying to get out of my comfort zone, and will always tell me the truth when it come to fit and pairing.  All I have to do is email what I am thinking about and she puts together options."

"Trunk Club is known for investment clothing. The pieces they sent will last for years: they’re very well made and aren’t going out of style anytime soon. (Oh, to be a man!) The cost-per-wear on these shirts will be tiny in the long run, which is why shirts that cost upwards of $100."

A quick comparisson

  • All 3 clothing subsriptions offer free shipping both ways.
  • Stitch Fix is a women's fashion club. You are required to pay a 20 dollar styling fee which can be applied to your purchase
  • BombFell and TrunkClub are for men only and do not charge you a styling fee.
  • Stitch Fix, BombFell and the Trunk Club do not obligate you to any contracts or to purchase any items that you do not want.
  • Trunk Club's clothing is slightly more expensive then BombFell.
  • Most items from Stitch Fix are listed around $65.

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Hi! I just wanted to let you know that Trunk Club is also for women. I just subscribed and cant wait to see how it goes. is a great option if you are looking for business clothing!
Trunk Club now has a women's division. Also, "then" is a measure of time and "than" is a word used for contrast/comparison.
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