Stitch Fix vs. Keaton Row vs. Tog + Porter: Personal Styling Services Compared
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Stitch Fix vs. Keaton Row vs. Tog + Porter: Personal Styling Services Compared

Each of these sites provide a professional approach and flair to online shopping. All three provide a personal stylist to assist shoppers with their personal fashion style. There are a few subtle differences in the three companies, for instance; size availability, the cost of shipping and the number of stylist available to the customer. The clothing lines vary slightly, but the styles are very similar; professional and business casual. There is a cost differentiation. The range is between $65-$1500.
Covered in this report
Stitch Fix — Best Features
Stitch Fix sends the consumer five articles of clothing from which to choose. If the customer decides to purchase all five pieces, she will receive an automatic 25% off the entire shipment price.
Customers are charged a $20.00 fashion styling fee. That fee is applied as credit to purchases.
Best for: Women who want the option of shopping at home, under the direction of a professional stylist, without a membership requirement.
Keaton Row — Best Features
Customers may also apply to become stylists. Keaton Row will train stylists, who have access to more than 5000 items to showcase to their clients.
There is no cost to sign up as a client or stylist, and styling, shipping and handling are all free.
Best for: Women, who wish to shop from mainline stores. like Nordstroms, but with the luxury of a professional, personal stylist. Also, Keaton Row is suited for women entrepreneurs, who wish to break in as fashion consultants/stylists.
Tog + Porter — Best Features
Customers who refer friends, who ultimately request an appointment, will receive a $20.00 credit.
Customers meet with their stylist in a one-on-one session via Skype.
Best for: Women who do not wear plus size, beyond size 14.

Stitch Fix 

Stitch Fix is a personal styling service for women. Like its competition, Keaton Row and Tog+Porter, Stich Fix takes home shopping to the next level; a very fashionable level. 

How it works

"Fix" refers to the style choices chosen for the consumer, by a personal stylist. The home shopper is lined up with a personal stylist that is given pertinent information on the shopper's style and size preferences. Following this information, the personal stylist chooses clothing and accessories that align with the shopper’s fashion taste.  

A Stitch Fix stylist follows those guidelines and sends a package of items that fit the description. Included in the parcel are style cards. The cards provide suggestions for how the shopper might wear and pair items. The shopper takes the clothes for a spin at home and makes the decision to purchase or return. 

Shoppers may also sign up for monthly fixes. Monthly fixes are automatically sent every thirty days. 

Shoppers have three days to return what they do not want. 

Stitch Fix  inventory includes clothing and accessories. The clothing is best suited for women sized between 0/xsmall through X-large14. The following is a Stitch Fix example.


  • The average price for clothing is $65.00.
  • There is a $20.00 styling fee, which is applied as credit to the final purchase.

A total of five items will be sent to the client at one time. The client may keep or return any, or all of the items within three days. 

  • The client will receive a 25% discount if all five items are purchased. However, if the client fails to respond within the three day period, a charge for the entire StitchFix parcel will be applied. 
  • Return shipping is free. Currently, Stitch Fix only ships to customers in the United States.
  • Customers receive referral links. For every referral that signs on with Stitch Fix  and orders a fix, the customer who made the referral will also receive a $25.00 Fix Stitch credit.

Keaton Row

The shopping experience at Keaton Row is similar to Stitch Fix, although the prices on items are a bit more pricey. But, like Stitch Fix, Keaton Row customers are provided a personal stylist and consultation, after completing a profile.

Following the profile's completion, the consumer may submit a "Lookbook" request. Lookbooks include 3-6 head-to-toe "looks" and 2 "Express Boutiques". Express Boutiques target specific wardrobe needs. Lookbooks include personal notes from the stylist that explain the reasons behind the choices. Consumers purchase items directly from the Lookbooks, which were specifically designed for them. 

How it works

Retailers, featured on the Keaton Row website, are Nordstrom, Shopbop, Asos and Les Nouvelles. Keaton Row does not charge clients for consultations with their stylist, but urge customers to purchase items through Keaton Row, according to their stylists recommendations. The stylist creates  a "Lookbook", for the client, which is based on the information which was provided. A sample of a "Lookbook" is below:


  • Clients are charged the exact price they would pay for the items, if they visited a brick and mortar store, or the participating store's website. However, stylists receive a commission when the client purchases via Keaton Row. Customers are encouraged to purchase through the website, rather than directly from the participating retailer for this reason.
  • There is no charge for signing up with Keaton Row.

Prices are identified very clearly as in the screen shot below of a "Lookbook" example.

Shipping is free, however, return shipping and rules surrounding refunds on orders, is dependent upon participating retailers. 

  • Asos-free return shipping + full refund within 28 days.
  • Les Nouvelles-free return shipping + full refund, minus $10 return shipping fee, within 10 days of confirmed delivery.
  • Nordstrom-free return shipping + full refund within 30 days
  • Shopbob-free return shipping + full refund within 15 days

What is very unique to Keaton Row, is that the company has an entrepreunerial spirit. Clients can also become stylists. Future stylists may apply on the Keaton Row website. Stylists become Independent Contractors who own their own styling business.


Tog+Porter differs from StitchFix and Keaton Row, in that stylists meet with shoppers via Skype for a face-to-face consultation. 

How it works

Consumers sign up and soon after are assigned a personal stylist/consultant, based on the information provided during the sign-up process. Clients also set their budget when they sign on with Tog+Porter. A meeting over Skype is the next step in the process.  The client's personal stylist selects clothing based on this meeting, which lasts approximately 15 minutes. Tog+Porter works with a bevy of name brand and Indie designers

Clients can expect to receive their personalized order within 10 days. A second consultation with the stylist is a live review of what was received in the mail. Generally, clients can expect to receive 10-15 items. There is no obligation for clients to keep the items. Tog+Porter includes a pre-paid return label for convenience. 

Sizes available through Tog+Porter are 0-14. However plus size women can anticipate the inclusion of larger sizes in the future and are invited to send the site a note requesting to be wait listed. 


  • The cost of a box  from Tog+Porter will run the consumer between $250.00 and $1500.

  • Clients who refer friends that purchase items will receive a $25 credit. The friend will also receive a $25 credit toward their purchase. 
  • The client's credit card is charged at the time their order is placed with the stylist. The amount charged is based on the pre-determined budget, but can vary by as much as $50.00.
  • There is a $50.00 styling fee on any of the first three boxes, when the client does not complete a video showing with the stylist. All charges are made upfront.
  • Shipping- there is a $10 flat-rate shipping fee in the U.S. Free pre-paid return labels are included. 
  • Free shipping on items that are returned within 14 days. There is a $10.00 charge for items that are returned after the 14 day grace period.  A merchandise credit is issued for items returned post thirty days. The company will not accept any returns after 30 days. 
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